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Prevent junkware with uncheckey

These days every application wants to install other applications and plug-ins during the installation. This junkware¬†slows your computer’s start-up speed and some even can be malicious bringing malware and adware. This is where Unchecky comes in. It tries its hardest to stop these installers from also installing unwanted programs. Even the most savvy person can […]

Upgrade the SSD in Your Mac
Upgrading the SSD in your Mac can be quick but you want to make sure you will be able to keep all of your files and settings. If you need help upgrading your computer, please contact us. 423-521-0367 We repair computers in the Chattanooga TN area and by mail. .
Remove SuperFish on Lenovo Computers
SuperFish has been installed on Lenovo laptops over the last couple of months. If you have one even ones that have been bought after they stopped installing it, double check that yours doesn't have it installed. SuperFish Removal Tool AvoidErrors Britec09
iFixie Holiday gift guide announcement.
Giving the gift of technology this Holiday season? Don't know where to start? Let us help! Fill out our free Holiday Gift Form for curated gift recommendations at the best prices. 2014 Gift Form
What Antivirus Should I Use?
I get asked all the time what antivirus programs I recommend. All PCs should have an active antivirus installed. Unfortunately these days computers are attacked and at risk of being infected no matter how cautious you are online. The people who deploy viruses and malware do so to collect money from replacing ads on your [...]