Chattanooga Mac Repair

mac lcd repair

iFixie can repair all types of machines. From defective hard drives and power supplies to motherboards and memory issues, we have the expertise to get your Mac up and running.

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Hard Drive Upgrade & Replacement

iFixie makes hard drive upgrades or replacements on your Mac simple, fast and affordable. Replace the drive with a bigger and faster one today so you don’t lose data tomorrow.


LCD Replacement

Have a broken or cracked LCD? We can help. We get you a replacement LCD and install it for one low price. All parts are top grade and brand new. Most replacements can be done while you wait. We do not take apart what is unnecessary to replace your screen.

Data Backup

Don’t gamble with your critical data files. Always make sure that they are backed-up in a secure and stable environment. We provide a cost-effective and seamless back-up service for all of your Apple computers.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

iFixie specializes in fast and affordable data recovery for Mac hard drives and Apple Servers. And with all the latest retrieval and back-up tools available, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the highest level of support and expertise in the industry.