• What Antivirus Should I Use?

I get asked all the time what antivirus programs I recommend. All PCs should have an active antivirus installed. Unfortunately these days computers are attacked and at risk of being infected no matter how cautious you are online.

The people who deploy viruses and malware do so to collect money from replacing ads on your computer, collecting a ransom by encrypting your files or by using your computers resources. The best line of defense against these infections is a good antivirus.

Windows 8 now comes with an antivirus pre-installed. This is a good start but it’s far from perfect. What you need is a standalone tool to thwart attacks.

Antiviruses We Recomend

Paid: Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender has been my favorite paid AV for quite a long time. It provides the best protection without slowing down your computer. For around $25 you can secure 3 computers for 1 year, an absolutely killer deal.

Bitdefender is the total package and includes virus and malware protection, a Firewall and many other bells and whistles. For an in depth review check out PC Magazines glowing review.


Free: Avast! Free Antivirus

Though I really do recommend buying a security application you can get a better antivirus than the one built into windows. Avast! provides a decent amount of protection without paying a penny. This application like other free antiviruses will nag you to buy the full version. But, if you can ignore that and can’t afford a full protection program this will suffice.

You won’t get a better firewall or any other protection but at the price of free you can’t go wrong.

No antivirus application will be perfect but without one you are at a high risk of infection. If your computer is already infected or running slow call us to set up a consultation and we’ll be happy to get you secured.